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iconExploding Airbag Defect

Defect Details: Your Airbag Becomes a Deadly Weapon

The problem is that airbags are exploding. When the airbags go off during an accident, they are spraying metal pieces. This shrapnel can cause crippling cuts to your face, eyes, torso and legs, or even kill you. The defect could also affect the value of your car, even if you have not suffered an injury.

The explosive in the defective air bags is inside a metal canister. When it goes off, it burns too high and instead of just inflating the airbag, causes it to burst.

Airbags are considered a standard part of a car. Car makers are bound by federal guidelines and the same type of airbag can be installed across many makes and models. The airbags are often made by the Takata company.

Takata knew about this defect in 2001 but it has refused to address the problem outside of certain regions, recently claiming that the dangerous explosions are triggered only by moisture due to extreme humidity.

By not alerting the public about the defect all those years ago, Takata, and possibly the automakers, have left you at risk.

There have been at least 4 deaths caused by these dangerous airbags and at least 139 injuries.


If you own or were involved in an accident with any of these cars, please call us today at 877-732-8792 to learn how to join our potential class action suit.

Takata makes airbags used in millions of vehicles. The company was aware of the airbag problem more than 10 years ago, but refused to issue a voluntary U.S.-wide recall.

Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C., a leading national law firm, can get you compensation for the danger that Takata exposed you to when it let these faulty vehicles continue to go out on the road.

"Airbags are designed to improve your safety when in an accident. Takata has known for more than a decade that some of its airbag have a defect that is causing injury, rather than protecting you from it. These exploding airbags have killed or injured many people and remain a potential threat in every car that has one. Rather than admit it and offer to repair them nationwide, they have made multiple excuses. They should be held accountable and drivers should be compensated for the risk they are exposed to on a daily basis."
--Robin Greenwald, Weitz & Luxenberg.

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a safety defect associated with the airbags for these cars.


    There already have been ongoing recalls issued for these cars, and the number involved may keep growing.

  • Acura








  • Lexus